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Laboratory equipment, especially with regard to the technical solutions it contains, is a complex area. We have summarized some of the most important products for you as preliminary information. If you have any questions about our entire range, please do not hesitate to contact us. Just get in touch with us!


Neuberger fume cupboards are manufactured in accordance with DIN standards and therefore offer optimum protection against harmful pollutants and explosions. The Neuberger fume cupboard range offers unlimited variations and design options for every application based on the following basic concepts:

  • Table fume cupboard
  • Low room fume cupboard
  • Deep drawdown
  • Walk-in fume cupboard

If special designs are required for a particular workflow or for oversized equipment, we can draw on our experience in planning and manufacturing special fume cupboards. Neuberger fume cupboards are available up to a width of 3000 mm with a continuous free access opening.

Naturally, all fume cupboards in our range are certified in accordance with the EN14175 Part 2 standard.

Special prints

Working with aggressive media such as perchloric or hydrofluoric acid and the thermal loads caused by open digestions place increased demands on occupational safety and the protective equipment required for this purpose. Neuberger fume extractors are ideally suited for this:

  • Perchlorine fume cupboard
  • Hydrofluoric acid fume cupboard

Specially selected materials and a largely joint-free worktop and interior lining of the Neuberger perchlorate fume cupboards prevent the unwanted build-up of perchlorate deposits and allow the interior to be cleaned easily and thoroughly. Depending on the requirements, we use large-area laboratory ceramics, polypropylene or PVDF for the lining. The hydrofluoric acid fume cupboards are fitted with sash glazing made of polycarbonate glass.


Storage space for tools, samples and chemicals is essential in a well-equipped laboratory. Laboratory cabinets manufactured by Neuberger are the ideal solution. They increase safety and also ensure the necessary order in everyday laboratory work.

Laboratory cabinets according to your individual needs! Neuberger manufactures cabinet solutions for you that meet all your special requirements.

You will find every conceivable variant for your laboratory equipment in our diverse range:

  • Wall cupboards
  • Ceiling cupboards
  • Material cabinets

Special versions: Neuberger material cabinets can also be fitted with glazed hinged doors. The glazing is either 4 mm float glass or 5.38 mm laminated safety glass, as required for classrooms.

All our laboratory cabinets can be variably equipped and thus enable optimum use of space, depending on the available space.

Special cabinets

Safety is the top priority! For the safe storage of solvents, acids, alkalis and compressed gas cylinders as well as the disposal of chemicals, we offer you special cabinets that have been specially adapted for you and meet all the required safety standards. These include:

  • Acid and alkali cabinets
  • Train cabinets
  • Fire-resistant hazardous materials cabinets
  • Fire-resistant pressurized gas cylinder cabinets

Laboratory tables & plates

Laboratory benches are the basic equipment of every laboratory and therefore indispensable for efficient work. The main prerequisites for ergonomic working are well thought-out design, stability and versatility.

Neuberger manufactures laboratory workbenches that meet all requirements. The individual design of table frames and table tops also ensures that we can meet all your laboratory workstation requirements.

Various materials and designs are available for table tops and table frames. These are designed for different areas of application and can be perfectly tailored to the respective workplace.


All versions of our worktables can be fitted with individually selectable worktops. There are various materials to choose from, all of which have specific properties and are particularly suitable depending on the laboratory area.

  • Polypropylene
  • Stainless steel
  • HPL Compact Resistance² laboratory panels
  • HPL Compact Interior Plus
  • Cleanroom panels
  • Stoneware
  • HPL-coated worktops

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Before we start planning, we discuss your requirements with you in detail. Laboratory equipment must be planned precisely according to your needs to ensure that all work processes can function smoothly and that the workstations are ergonomically perfectly aligned …

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Detailed planning in our company is carried out to the highest standards, in 3D, so that you can inspect the laboratory equipment in advance and make any necessary changes.

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Our woodworking workshops are state of the art. We also have an electrical workshop to equip each area of the laboratory facility with all the required electrical installations according to plan …

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From production, directly to your premises! Of course, we also stand out as a competent and reliable partner when it comes to completing your dream home …


You can find a selection of our products in our reference gallery and in our product overview …


Neuberger Laborbau – your partner for the realization of your dream laboratory. We rely on quality from Austria, implemented by experienced specialists and many years of know-how. I guarantee it!

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